This Saturday’s time at Pritzker seemed to be full of everything BUT history.  Which, oddly enough, was exactly what I needed.  

At the beginning of my time, I was asked to come in and talk with my intern head, Christy Stanford about my LinkedIn profile I created a few weeks back.  She talked me through the process of giving it a much needed overhaul, adding content in everything from my profile to personal information, to adding pictures and gave talks about posting frequently.  She summed it up perfectly by saying “sites like Facebook are easy.  LinkedIn takes work.”  And necessary work at that.  When I spend most of my days pouring over information and finding books in Pritzker’s endless collection, it’s tough to remember that it is a professional setting, and as such, I need to maintain that image.  It means more than wearing a tie everyday to work, it includes making sure everything I put up for people to see online and in person represents who I am and is emblematic of my body of work.  

The other thought that popped into my head while working to foster my online image was my future in academia.  Despite what my picture below shows, being hard at work staring at a computer screen, succeeding in this field requires a little human contact (no matter how strange that may be for a history major).  I’m spending time at Loyola building connections with professors, attending extra seminars, and constantly trying to find ways to bolster not only my knowledge base, but my “LinkedIn Image,” if you will.  Everything I do within the field of history all works towards the end goal of my career and success as a teacher/historian, so the more I do (without overworking myself) can only help.  Logic!

Regardless, since last Saturday I’ve been posting a few select articles on my profile and trying to find more workmates/professors/classmates to connect with.  Because you know what they say: “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  But what’s more relevant to this discussion is “sooner rather than later,” because in two years time there won’t be a later to build my online resume.Image