The slowness of Saturdays continued at my last session with the Pritzker Military Library (11/24).  However, I did get something accomplished I never thought I would take pleasure in doing: editing.  It’s the part of being a future teacher I’ve dreaded the most.  Knowing where the fine line exists between giving helpful, constructive feedback and being overly critical is quite tough for me.  Thankfully, the new PML website that’s still under construction needed a going-over with a fine-tooth comb, mostly for conventions edits (capitalization, verb tenses, etc.).  

For a professional website like Pritzker’s, leaving things unchecked because you don’t want to be too critical is actually quite the detriment.  Making things as precise as possible is essential.  Best of all (for my psyche), you know there won’t be any calls of “Unfair!” once all the edits are done.  I knew that the corrections would be beneficial, and that Pritzker employees would see it as such.  I can’t always say the same for other students when I become a teacher.  In the end, it will all have to be on a case by case basis with students; getting to know them and their writing habits, then adjusting the level of critique necessary to foster growth, not necessarily a perfect paper

(Pictured below: What I expect students to look like when receiving their grade)