Getting towards the end of the semester means getting closer to Winter Break.  It seems schools and institutions alike are realizing this, and are pulling back a little in terms of intensity (well, aside from finals week, but we all knew that was coming, right?).  Consequently, I’ve been all done with my Topic Page research for a few weeks, and have just been helping out Pritzker wherever they need it.  Last Saturday was the first day I felt less like a student intern at Pritzker, and more like a librarian.

My duties included doing research on the dates several Virginia Confederate Regiments were created, and facing the library’s holdings (essentially making sure all the books were positioned towards the front of the shelf and flush to the left).  In the end, it still felt like I had put in a full days work for Pritzker.  This was mainly due to moving up and down stools a lot more than I’m used to, but also because it felt like I wasn’t just there doing research for class credit.  It seemed I had enough knowledge on the library’s day-to-day procedures to simply complete tasks.  All in all, it was a great feeling to know that, to some degree, I was seen as a part of their process instead of just an add-on student.  Sadly, though, my last session is approaching fast.  As in 19 hours from this post fast.  I’m sure it’ll be another great session!